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ChristyHomeMom's Lebert Equalizer Review

October 4, 2015

Are you a fan of BodyRockTv, Frank Medrano, or Chalene Johnson? (youtube and fitness gurus) Then you may already know what these are. If not let me show you something....

watch it in action!

So What Are They? 
Created by personal trainer and Taekwondo Black Belt, Marc Lebert, the Equalizer™ is now being used by athletes of all levels and ages, in bootcamps, group fitness, sports conditioning classes, martial arts clubs and home gyms EVERYWHERE!
"...was originally designed to perform a body weight pull up in a group or home setting but has has evolved to be one of the most versatile tools on the market today." 

Specifications: Each Equalizer bar weighs 8 pounds and comes in 3 colours - yellow, pink or lime. The dimensions are 28-1/2 inches high by 25 inches wide and it has been tested to support up to 400 pounds of body weight. The Equalizers can easily be stacked together, taking up little storage space. Package includes 2 Equalizer Bars, Beginner/Intermediate Workout DVD with Marc Lebert and Laminated Poster.

Here's What You Can Do With Them!

Click here for more exercises.
( pssst - there are more workouts written out 8min, 10min ect pdfs at the bottom of the linked page )

These Would've Taken P.E. Up To Another Level
I grew up with calisthenics, a form of exercise that consists of a variety of gross motor movements, often rhythmical, generally without using equipment or apparatus. That's the technical definition. Basically I played high school level basketball and ran track and we did the basics such as high knees, run in place, run up the bleachers, step-ups (just the mention of some of these make me shudder to remember summer camps). But I really did enjoy that stuff and loved making my body work and perform because I was such a physical kid. One of my gifts revolves around strength, agility, and speed. For goodness sake, I moved a piano 8months pregnant!

Other Products
I can see the Lebert Equalizer being utilized today in high school gyms or for any sports program for that matter because they just take all that I mentioned above up to another level. Much safer then the stretchy bungee systems we used. They do have a much safer buddy system here that looks really cool as well as other systems and tools.

$$ Cost $$ I had guessed to see these running somewhere between $150-200, I was close. They cost $120 (use this EQGIFT10 code for a limited time to save $10. As a personal trainer, something I strongly have considered again and again, these would be a great tool to use with clients as they really are
whatever you need them to be.

Here's What I Really Think: My approach to my weight has changed since reading Gary Taubes' book Why We Get Fat and though I love exercising I've just not come up with a plan to execute my goals. I know when I'm ready I'll follow Chalene Johnson's Tabata, and the many other tutorials utilizing my awesome Equalizers because they line up with my belief that all you need is you and maybe simple tools to make a better you. These are simple to use, store, and weigh just enough to aid a strength workout.

I'm coming to terms with the idea that my body was what it was before babies and it is what is is now, there's a major disconnect between what I think I may want and what I can get. I want strength. I watch dudes like Frank (below) who make body-weight strength training look like an art and am so inspired and moved to do something.
Watching his review on youtube is what pushed me into contacting and I'm so glad I did and that their wonderful team chose to work with me. It's been a true honor plus this product is amazing!

My kids thought I brought home a kid's play gym so they've had to stay in my room so they don't get destroyed. We tried pull ups, push ups, baby-weighted pull ups were tricky but I felt pretty bad ass being 9mos post-partum with baby #6 to even attempt it.

I have taken quite the hiatus in between posts lately but also from my little blog baby and for that I'm saddened but what it also means in a more positive light is that I'm learning to devote time and effort to my family. There was a time that I'm not too proud to admit where it was all about my blog or facebook and social media because 'mommy needed a break' from real life every now and then. I had it backwards. I'd love to be able to handle and be devoted to both one day because I love the platform I've created here for myself and love sharing reviews, tips, and tricks to help others.

It truly was an honor to get to share info about this product and company along with my passion for fitness with you today. Please don't stop here, follow the links. There really are endless possibilities when it comes to strength training. The product mentioned in this post written here was provided by: Lebert Fitness for the purpose of this review. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions made here in are my own, ChristyHomeMom.
PS - I would feel super bad ass if I could do this #dreambig

Equalizers for Core Strength and Full Body Workouts
Do you konw how to challenge yourself? Have you ever found a way to workout that challenges you mentally and physically? ….A way to workout that you can get lost in for hours? That's what I LOVE about these Lebert Equalizer Bars!
Posted by Chalene Johnson on Friday, May 1, 2015

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