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Teach Zumba: Am I crazy? 90 days or bust!

June 15, 2015

I am crazy! Crazy about Zumba! Everyone knows what Zumba is but if not let me fill you in. If you take the aerobics craze from the 80s and the dance craze from the early 2000s then do a mash-up with dance club music you've got Zumba. I first fell in love with it via our Wii and loved trying to follow along and get a high score but soon found I didn't care about the points I just loved to move, sweat, and work on my postpartum body back in 2011 or '12 I think. I chucked the waist band that holds the controller, then chucked the controller too because ever since I was a little girl I loved to dance.

You really don't need to know how to dance to master the moves. That's another thing I love about the group classes I've been taking lately. There are people of all shapes and sizes, men and women getting it/working it/having fun. It's infections, contagious, and somehow I've come out of it wanting to become an instructor. What the what? I take a class a few times a month with my mom in a warehouse with box fans, a stage, and bumping music. It's hot, it's sweaty, but it's rewarding and it's fun!

I grew up around this type of stuff. My mom was that aerobics instructor in the early 80s. She taught packed out classes and being a single mother I often accompanied her to gyms. You could say I was a gym rat. I knew the photographer was near me but didn't know he was getting video clips. You can see me at 2:51. Fast forward 30+ years and I can not hardly describe the feeling I feel when I see my mom jump up on stage at 3:51 and doing anything with her and watching her is an honor! This clip was from this weekend at a zumbathon sponsored by Growing Together.

"Mommy, I saw you!"- my kids

The atmosphere was hot but cold water was handed out along with snacks bars, fruit and t-shirts. So now after seeing what I look like I'm even more determined to become an instructor and it's the perfect goal for me to get my mind off my size. My family won't disown me for not being this 'right size', my husband won't love me less, my kids won't hug me less, my life can't revolve around this idea that I have to be a size whatever. I'll leave that for another post. I'm at a wonderful place of self forgiveness and acceptance where even though I may not be where I think I should be I'm still ok. That's really big for me.

I've seen some plus size instructors teaching routines on youtube and it's so inspiring to me. Can I teach yet? I'm not quite there but I'd like to try for 90days and see where I am then to go for this crazy dream! More fitness reviews to come ya'll.

For anyone else interested in becoming a zumba instructor check here for more info. There are class certifications happening just about everywhere.

Now Look what my zumba leader (Michael - pictured in the above video) posted just moments after I wrote this post... happy tears!! These are the hearts that are teaching me and I would love to follow in their foot steps!

CIZE Sneak Peek
Posted by Carl Daikeler on Monday, June 15, 2015

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