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The Season of the Chicken - A Family Update

June 9, 2015

So... hello there? What do you say when it's almost been a year since we've last spoken. I missed you? How've you been? All legit questions but it just feels awkward and insincere. This blog was my baby. And speaking of babies, I have six now. That's where the hashtag #momofmany comes from because I can't keep changing the number with each new addition.

My littlest guy is 8months today and has quite the few polka dots going on as you can see.

But he's still pretty happy about life.

You have no clue who this is do you? This is Z and he was born at home. Read his birth story here.

So how'd this happen? It's all my fault apparently. I came down with a rash that wouldn't go away. At first I thought it was a bug bite gone wrong but then these little blisters formed and I couldn't believe it was shingles. As a kid I don't remember getting spots plus when I asked my mom she couldn't remember either. I was vaccinated so maybe I couldn't gotten the shot as an older kid, who knows but I had the shingles and since then we've been put on self quarantine.

One by one we've had one case at a time that last roughly 3wks... 
March - mom gets shingles
April 4th - C gets chicken pox 6
April 19th - then G 4
May 7th - then J 8
May 21st - then N 2
June 5th - now Z 7mos

With each case I was sure it'd be the last... 15wks later and we're just trying to just roll with it.
In my perfect world we all would've gotten it 12 wks ago and been done, but we don't live in that world apparently. The thing is these kids aren't letting life pass them by but I will be mighty glad when this silly, nasty, put your social life on pause virus (which really wasn't as bad as it could've been) is over. Spring/Summer has been full of family trips to grandparents and watching the littlest learn new things, the 4 and 6yo learned to ride 2-wheelers and life is good.

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