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(About Me)

My family with the current reigning

So I'm sure you know my name by now. I'm the mom behind my home and often feel like a beginner crafter, sewer, photograper, and mom'er.

I became a home-mom full-time in 2007 when I traded  in paychecks and promotions for cloth diapers and laundry.

As a first generational BIGhomeschooler and Homebirther creating a successful home depends mostly on me (no pressure) until The Hubs can work from home.

Despite me, God knew me and made me just for this.
Home is wherever Mom is... Proverbs 14:1.

Mom means business...
I enjoy testing products, writing reviews, and hosting great giveaways to share socially.
If you're a company or business owner and need a Hom-Mom Stamp of Approval, Contact Me here.

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