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January Reflections and Resolutions

January 14, 2016

Mid jan and I haven't fully committed to the changes I've wanted to make this year. I've only gotten in 105 min of intentional exercise and my eating is all kinds of stupid. Though I'll be preg/nursing for at least another year I can not wait any longer.

I have no clue what I weighed back then but I know what I felt like and what I feel now is awful. I need to move more ads east better. That's it. That's my goal finishing out this month and for February. Move 15-30min a day during the week and sitting to how I feel on weekends.Less coffee, less carbs, and mor. e water.


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Leaping - Fall or Fly

December 17, 2015

is totally speaking to me. I feel like I'm right here and been here many times before but here I am again. Where anxiety, worry, and fear of failure are all  holding me back but deep inside I know I was meant to fly. So I'm left with this constant depressive pit in my gut.

If I were speaking to my kids I'd gently coax our coach them to take that first step and if that didn't work I'd push or throw them off to prove their disbelief was wrong. So what's the difference between us? My disbelief. I haven't believed in my dreams enough. My belief hasn't come from a place of confidence in my God-given gifts and passions.

Rounding the track for the completion of this year's race my focus is on a ledge, concentrating on not falling off, and creating a flight plan by reading more flight giving words that counter my disbelief.

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