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Inspired by an American Ninja Warrior (contestant)

June 3, 2014

I'm guessing it was the season premier but my family and I watched American Ninja Warrior last night. We didn't catch the show in it's entirety but I saw enough to be inspired by miss Amber Johnson. I loved her story, her hair cut, her style, but mostly her attitude.

You've seen my fitness struggles, I've been through quite a few challenges over the past few years. Some successful and others not so much but I'm no stranger to physical struggle. In my heart I know I'm an athlete but the past decade and a half I have not fully felt like one. Watch this video and tell me you aren't inspired...

Being inspired can't only be something that you get from others. There's been a mental change that has taken place in me in the past few months. I'm reading a great new book that's explaining a lot about my weight gain over the years and just being the example I get to be for my kids will be reward too. The change is I am where I am but do not have to stay here. Pregnant with baby #6 and still over 200lbs 3yrs after setting out on this journey feels unacceptable. I'm ready (I think) to do what needs to be done to break this cycle, this weight fight, and be the trim healthy mama I know I can be.

Gymbella/SheLivedHEA are all aliaes that are no longer and I've moved my fitness facebook posts to but still post as @ChristyHomeMom too.

My before preg weight was 213. I had just decided to get this body in shape Dec 31st in fact then found out we were expecting in Feb. So there could be some baby adage in there but I'll just stick with 213. Back in May of 2011 I posted that I weight 211. I then had two babies so I'm pretty much in the same boat I've been in for several years.

I'm ready to get out of this boat!

and I don't want a life preserver. This is sink or swim time. No, that's not right, I want to swim! My point is I'm 33 and it's not too late. I know plenty of women who've changed their lives and it can be done. I will.

I'm mapping out the smartest way to continue toning and building muscle while I'm pregnant, changes I'll need to make to ensure I keep my milk supply once the baby is born, and get to it. Thank you Amber Johnson. You had us cheering you on all the way and have a new fan :)

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