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It's been a while...

December 9, 2013

Wow! Has it really been nearly 6 months since my last post? This sounds a lot like a confessional, doesn't it? Well this momma has been busy running a household that blogging just hasn't been top priority. I really don't know how I used to post daily (sometimes twice a day, gasp!) oh I remember, I had 2 less kids. How sweet the past can seem? I seem to post most on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook in short, sweet, to the point ideas, pictures, etc. I'm posting this from my phone and not from a pc or laptop like usual. I mean really? Like I have office hours, HA! I've already been interrupted 3 times sitting here on the couch and its movie time.

All that to say, 'Hi! I'm back. Have you missed me? No? Oh. Well I've missed this.'

My kiddos are all growing like weeds. Aging from 9 to 1 and our homeschool grades range from 4th grade to kindergarten. Consistency is our goal for the day/week/month/year really. We started back in  September but have a second start in January after all the family holiday breaks to go strong until May. Follow our school adventures on Facebook ( and @ChristyHomeMom everywhere else socially.

I promise, I'll post here again soon. Hopefully sooner than half a year.

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