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ShakeIt ShakeIt Baby!

July 18, 2013

I'm a bit saddened how I've captured so many memories with some of my kids and not all of them. I think it goes to show you I've not always known what the heck I was doing. It also shows how easy smart phones have made it for moms all over the world to become mamarazzis. From an early age this little guy has had a phone of some sort in his face to capture his first smile or babyyoga moves, day or night, flash or no flash a small black rectangle has bee in his peripheral view.

This video is that same guy, probably around the same time (I'm not sure since I didn't save the date, bad mom). Look how he's learned how to grab things with BOTH hands. I know I'm his mother but I could literally watch this for half an hour. Enjoy :)

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