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I'm a Stella & Dot Stylist - Eeeeeeek!

June 13, 2013

Honestly, I can say I've stalked Stella & Dot for a few years. Yep, stalked. I'm a stalker and I don't feel the least bit creepy :) I was first introduced to the company coincidentally through the blogging world. I was HUGE into giveaways and reviews (which I still love) and saw this awesome jewelry popping up all over the place. I visited their website, requested a Look book and got in touch with a stylist. Talk about blown away, I was hooked ever since!

I've sold through many direct sales companies. MANY, really too many and know an awesome opportunity when I see one. But was it a good opportunity for me? At that time I didn't think so. I didn't last longer than a year in those said companies. In 2011 was trying to focus on my blog, I was volunteering at church several times a week, we'd just bought our first home and I was due to have my 4th baby. I was swamped with duties and I couldn't feasibly add another one.

Fast forward to the present and little has changed with what's on my plate. I'm now homeschooling 4 kiddos, we have an 8mo baby boy, hubby has launched his photog biz with Real Xpressions Photography, the house we bought is still nowhere near home,y and we have one car that can not hold the entire family (there are seven of us). Back then doesn't seem so busy anymore.

So why now, life is even crazier! I believe maybe then wasn't a great time for me but what if I'd made that jump anyways, where would I be now? I think God has a plan for my life, he's set me up on many platforms to speak to the masses, now is a godly time. I now believe in myself which hasn't been the case for the majority of my life. God has been working on me a great deal and this is a tool I'll use to reach women, moms, daughters regardless if they shop, host, or join. I am a light and this is simply one of my many rays :) Wish me luck, send me prayers, and watch what God can do.

I've started a styling blog over at Haute Dot even though the details aren't even official. I plan to join up  in either June or July hoping the sooner the better :)

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