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Baby's Top 5 Yoga Moves

March 20, 2013


his is a story. A true story about my baby. A baby who appears to be doing yoga. These are his top 5 yoga moves captured by me, his one and only Mamarazzi.

Mamarazzi, n;
a parent (usually the mom because they're the ones always left out of the pictures) who takes pictures of EVERY SINGLE THING their child does. From their first crawl to their first car, they save the images for later embarrasment/collateral.

They'll do ANYTHING for the PERFECT SHOT!

Like all baby milestones you want to document every single thing, right? Every burp, fart, smile... all their firsts are happening in this short little moment in time that I know I'll never get back. As a mom of 5, I know these moments well. At the same time I've easily forgotten them and each time it still feels new. I've been lucky enough to capture some of his moves in a series I'd like to call... #BabyYoga

The Pike Plank { Like a plank, only piked. }

At a time when my core is at it's weakest, I AM Envious.
Date: 2/22/13 Age: ~5 months

2 - Happy Feet { He's pulling his feet close to his chest. }

When he found his feet I knew he'd be rolling soon.
Date: 2/26/13 Age: ~5 months

- The Side plank { He's on his elbow. He's a beginner.  }
Do advanced babies come all the way up to their wrists?

He's actually rolling from back to belly.
Date: 3/3/13 Age: 5 months

- Deep Stretch { Ready for assisted sitting. }

I thought he was ready to try sitting up but he wasn't. He fell over.
Date: 3/5/13 Age: 5 months

- The Runner's Stance! { After mastering the above 4 moves... }

I really don't recall any of my other four kids doing this. I took about 15 pics trying to catch this guy in action.
Date: 3/19/13 Age: 5½ months

Noah is ready to Walk & Roll.
{ happy #babyyoga fun }

No babies were harmed. This post is not intended to depict actual developmental stages of a baby.

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