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Happy Birthday (kLOVE)

February 13, 2013

He was my first son. In the beginning I just new he was a HE. I felt stronger, like superwoman. Actually, I found out I was pregnant while playing on my church's coed softball team. He, to date, was my most painful labor (because he was sunny side up). Because of that he made me feel stronger.

He is a total sweetheart, my forever Valentine. He steals kisses and hugs when I least expect them. He makes up silly words, like 'Back-ugh-boook. He plays the drums by ear and if there are no drums around he bangs on his trucks or his sisters tea set. Music is everywhere.

He created and leads our family meal prayer. He will be a mighty man of God, a sound worshiper, a caregiver, a leader.

(I guess I really love this pose)

He will always steal my heart with that smile...

... just like his daddy.

I just hope the next four years don't fly by so fast. Happy Birthday sweet boy!

(His aliases on this blog are lil man, lil dreamy, princeC and now kLOVE :)

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