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I Met UFC Fighter Jon Jones!!!

June 2, 2012

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If you can imagine, having 4 kids doesn't allow for The Hubs and me to have many date nights. I can't say I have high hopes this will get any better with number five just 3months away. We're lucky if we get one every other night. So instead of going out together, locating a baby sitter (for four kids, really), and using gas to pick/drop them off  we stay in and have UFC Date Nights. Hubby gets home late from work and will sometimes bring me my favorite snack, CANDY or we may just have a glass of wine, sit on the couch, and watch our favorite sport, MMA Mixed Martial Arts.

Over the years of watching there are a handful of fighters that I really like and Mr. Jon "Bones" Jones is right there at the top.

So Wed. night when hubby got a text from his friend that Jon Jones was in town for a Xyience promotion event and a local fight we packed up the kids to run out and try to meet the reigning UFC Light Heavyweight Champ.

Wednesday morning we got up with good intentions of leaving the house early. I had several errands planned and as a multitasker I always want to get as much done in one day as I can. Getting 6 people packed into a car isn't a 15min task anymore, but for some reason I always think we can do it. I have to remember it takes 30-40min of finding shoes, diaper bags, and several potty breaks to make this happen.

We finally get in the car to go and are running behind. The whole way I was just hoping we'd get to see Jon leaving or getting into his car and could say I was in the same area. Taking turnpikes and paying tolls we made it with it by 2:50 but the line was long. We found out later he got there a little late and stayed later to accommodate those waiting. Glad to know we weren't the only ones :)

  The line was long but the kids did really well sitting in the basket.

I thought this was the best pic I was going to get...

You forget athletes, actors, and celebrities are just people. It's hard to see how normal they are with all the production that goes into making them look amazing on tv and in ads. He was happy and seemed to be enjoying making all the people smile as he took pics with them and shook hands. The Xyience crew helped to move things along by reminding the line to try to make it quick win taking pictures and talking so they could get through the entire line.

Hubby's coworker had an extra ticket to the Extreme Fight Night event that evening so the kids and I visited my mom while he watches some in person MMA action. LUCKY!!!

We were able to say a few words and take this picture.

This trip was sort of surreal. Once upon a time I had six-pack-abs, true story. More than just meeting Jon I got to visit the town I went to High School in, the trip brought back so many memories of me and my athletic days. Looking at this pic of me standing next to a serious athlete and my 4% body fat hubby I feel super huge. Granted I am 23wks pregnant and I shouldn't be so hard on myself. I know, I know this. Still it's motivating to know I'm on my way and this can serve as a great before picture.

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