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Dream Big... No Bigger!

May 17, 2012

The Hubs and I've had this dream for so long, to both work from home. Name some of the most popular work from home businesses and I've either done it or strongly considered joining. This dream we have is more than just a want, I truly feel God wants us both to work from home, homeschooling, and build our family up every single day in that manner. I will take the same role I have had for the past seven and a half years and manage behind the scenes for The Hubs aka The Photographer with Real Xpressions Photography.

My hubby has always been gifted interacting with little kids but getting them to shine into a camera has been really amazing to watch. The cutie pie pictured below is the son of my BFF also pictured and he's just 4 days older than my 2nd son. They're going to be friends for life if we can help it :)

This role is much needed. I can't say it's more important than my other MANY roles but it definitely will help make everything go much smoother. There are so many great moms out there that are juggling more kids and more tasks than me and do it so well. I've been struggling these past few months off and on and feel I really do need daddy's help at home. He'll tell you the same thing as far as running appointments, scheduling and such, he needs me too. It's a win-win and I can't wait to announce he's left his corporate job to be a Home-Dad!!!! It may happen sooner than we think :)

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