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We're Expecting...

March 3, 2012

Great things are coming in 2012 and a baby is one of them. That's right, baby #5 is on the way. Well, has been on the way for almost 11wks now. The responses The Hubs and I have gotten have been all over the place from happy, excited, shocked, saying we're crazy, and even comparing us to the Duggars. I mean really, five is a far cry from twenty, but like Michele Duggar I will never consider myself a Pro when it comes to pregnancy and labor. It's an all new experience each time and I've actually learned a lot each time. I'm even quite certain I can predict gender but it's a bit too early to tell just yet.

Boy or Girl?
With my girls I gained the most weight, swelled up the most, and was very moody. VERY!
With my boys I felt like I was super human most days. I didn't gain as much weight and I felt very active. The day before our youngest was born I was out blowing leaves and raking in the yard for hours.

Miss T wasn't too thrilled at first with the news. She was most concerned with keeping our teams even for the game of the sexes. 5 is an odd number and can't be divided. She's more than happy now and hugs me intermittently throughout the day to say she's glad I make babies and loves me.

Water or no water birth?
Of course I don't care which, I just want a healthy pregnancy, labor, and baby. The plan is to have another homebirth, it'll be my 4th. I got to do an unassisted water birth last time and it did help but I didn't quite feel the epidural effect I was hoping for. The hot water was AMAZING and helped me to relax but I still acted the way I always do, CRAZYily biting every one's head off.

Telling Others...
I was super excited to tell my Mom and close friends of course. To me a baby is good news. No one is excited to share bad news, however it was hard telling some family members. At the heart of it they love me (I think) and know we're responsible parents who can handle all God has called us to. I know they're just pulling from their past personal experiences of hardships and don't want that for us. I get it, I do. In my perfect little world I just wish I could feel more open in sharing things that matter most with people that matter the most to me. For everyone else I wouldn't mind wearing one of these shirts...

and for the infamous Question I'll wear this one.

but I'd change it around to say,
"Yes, I know what causes this"

Can't leave hubby out of this one :)

I especially love his announcement on facebook this week...
"For all those who haven't already heard: (In a Don LaFontaine movie trailer voice) 
Coming this fall... In a world where there is a perfect gender balance, where the boys don't outnumber the girls, one person will break the equilibrium that is the our household... 
Get ready for the scales to be tipped because in September the world will meet... 
baby #5."

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