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For all the wrong reasons

February 10, 2012

ome-Mom is quickly approaching the 2yr mark. It was June 2009 when I decided on the direction Home-Mom would take. Before it was my personal blog to talk about all the things I did at home, Cook - Craft - Homeschool - Homebirth - Family. The road I went down was for all the wrong reasons. First let me say I love blogging, reading other blogs, giveaways, deals, twitter parties, I could really go on...

Since I loved giveaways so much I thought I'd pull from my personal blog (Home-Mom) and solely post for products, host giveaways and reviews and possibly make some money. In the first year I did make a little bit of cash but it cost me my time. So as a mother of three then I would spend hours dealing with my blog and really in the long run it wasn't all that important. I did it thinking I'd receive products I needed or would actually use and there have been quite a few of those products that I still stand by (Kids 'N' Pets, now that stuff worked wonders). But others, eh.

I've built this tiny platform and it seems no one is listening. I mean I know a few of you are but not all 1,949 fans, 531 followers, and 584 subscribers. Those were goals I worked really hard to achieve but I've looked at you all as just numbers. The higher the numbers then the better the status, right? Companies will work with a blogger with high numbers. That really is great for the blogs that do this, I just don't want to do it anymore. It's the people I'd love to connect with, I mean that's why I visit Make it and Love it, Made by Dana, The Pioneer Woman, and a few others. If getting and giving free product comes my way of course I'll take it but I don't want that to be my only reason for being.

Sorry if this sounds like a pity party, it's not meant to be. I'm just motivated to do some good for Mom's and their Homes. I'm still not sure what but I want to help others and this platform can help me do that. After winning that $1,000 from Nissan's Twitter Party my heart swelled to use momMADE to give back not to just get more. So things are definitely in the works, I'm still here but working in the back cutting cords to things weighing me down. The companies I've worked with have been great! I love the relationships I've built and the sense of accomplishment for helping build brands I truly believe in.

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