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The Well Planned Day Planner

November 23, 2011

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If you fail to Plan, you plan to fail. I've searched and searched for the author of this quote with several names that came up. Whom ever said this was brilliant. It's so true too.

You can't go very far without a plan of action. 

As a homeschooling parent this is the one area I really do struggle with. I'm no where near perfect but somehow my kids learn anyways. I just think if I could do more things right how much farther they could go. This last week my son blew me away naming the planets of our solar system.

So how does a 2yo learn his planets? Big Sisters! Apparently my 7 and 5yos have been teaching him the planets off of a poster I have hanging in the boys room. They didn't have too much time to do this as I recently just hung the poster up. My point is this, how simple is hanging a poster on a wall? That little action even if not fully acted upon produced a huge change for the better.

This is how I see my new planner I received from the Home Educating Family Publishing. Because I struggle with consistency, my planner helps me see exactly where I'm staying on track and where I'm falling off. It's not hanging on the wall or anything but it's there for me to build up a constant routine, moving in the right direction.

I'm terrible with planning. So instead my planner can serve as a recorder of what we've done. That's basically what I do now just on plain pieces of paper. Then all my notes get misplaced and I lose track of what's been completed or what I wanted to tackle for the month.

The name of our school here is B.i.G, which stands for Building Individual Gifts. I love this name, I feel it's God inspired. I believe I've been given a gift and great interest in logos, tags, and such. So when this came to me I knew it was a keeper.

As a parent, not specific to homeschooling, just as parents we are to create environments where our kids can succeed. One thing I really love about this planner is it caters to individual students, there's a place where I can document and track up to 4 children. Even perforated report cards. The subjects seem to be more geared more towards older children but it works just as well for those with children in younger grades like mine.

The Well Planned Day is more than a planner. The Home Educating Family Publishing group offers planners for the homeschooling teacher, students, specifically high school students (yearly and 4year plan), and multipurpose. Extras I wasn't expecting include...
Grocery Shopping Lists, Weekly Cleaning Schedule, Dinner Menus, Perforated Report Cards, Family Worship: Read through the bible in a year, and new this year there's a Holiday Organization Section: greeting card registry, activities and event schedules, shopping on the town or on the Internet. They have a Magazine in print or digital format. They offer pdf planners as well as printed planners and binders.

Well Planned Day
My printed planner = $24.95
or put it on your Christmas List.

I'm looking forward to staying on track this year, this planner will no doubt help me do just that.

HEFM 2011 Issue 2 HEFM 2011 Issue 1 HEFM 2010 Issue 4
I'd love the magazine subscriptions to stuff my stocking, reading about other homeschooling families is always inspirational!

The product(s) mentioned in this review were provided by the Home Educating Family Publishing for the purpose of this review, all opinions are 100% mine Christy, Pin It

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