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Oh Happy SITS Day!

August 29, 2011

Well hello there! Come on in, we're having a HOUSE Party today. I'm glad I didn't fully pack up all the party decorations from the blogiversary a few months back. Oldies and newbies alike, WELCOME to my Home! I've been scurrying around trying to clean up and make things more presentable.

Just for fun, I've got a question for you. Raise your mouse if you've ever hidden dirty dishes in the oven. You know when you've got company coming over and the dishes were the least of your worries? I knew it! I was hoping I wasn't the only one .)

Well that day is today, here you are and I'm so happy you're here. If you don't already know TheSitsGirls, they're a group of bloggy women who support and encourage each other. When I say group, I don't mean a small group knitting group that meets once a month, I mean a troop-group with over 9,000 women.

SITS stands for the Secret's in the Sauce, these women aren't afraid to share tips, tricks, and techniques to successful blogging. I have to give a much deserved shoutout to Miss Baby Makin(g) Machine for sending me in the right direction. If you have a blog I highly encourage you to go check them out like I did over a year ago. Last month I got an email from Mama Kat, one of the SITS rock stars, telling me my day had come. The email alone MADE my DAY! I love you Kat! Woot-woot!

Hi, I'm Christy!
So most people would show you their most flattering pictures? I guess that's what profile pics are for. Ya'll are like family now so I can show you my crazy side, right? It's crazy, silly, fun, and totally depicts a Mom who's not gotten enough sleep. This actually is the first picture taken specifically for the blog. Can you tell what sort of day I had when I wrote How's Your Day?

I started Home-Mom in it's current state because I really loved giveaways and wondered if I could do what so many other great blogs have done. Now, over a year later, I've found that I can. Talk about confidence boosters when big ol'companies will deal with little ol'me. I'll still host them occasionally but that's not all Home-Mom is about.

Meet the Family.
I never thought I was one of THOSE people. You know, the one who pulls out the photo albums of all their kids on the first visit. That's exactly who I'm going to be today. So sit back grab a mug of water (I'm not serving coffee, it makes me sleepy) and enjoy the reads. Here we Go!

In short I'm a... green attempting, home-birthing,

For more grown up pics visit my about me page re-birthed under the direct tutelage of my SITStahs.
R- pT born in the hospital 2004
L- pj born at home 2006
lil D born at home 2009lil turkey born at home 2010

cloth diaperinghomecookin',

Bluberry Muffins from Scratch in less than 30min.

and home-schoolingbloggy mom to 4 precious babies.

I bet you can guess the million dollar question everyone asks next.
Will there be more? That's the one.

I'll answer it this way. If I can make and sell more items from momMADE, my online boutique, then I'd really be happy either way. We've made soap, deodorant, laundry and dish detergent, and hubby is a photographer. Multiple streams of income are way high up on our list right now.

The Hubs and I have known each other for over 10 years now and have been married almost 9. He was and still is my best friend. Looking back over the years it's hard to believe we've made this small sport's team. But hey, I always wanted a big family.

I'm praying even now for Godly                                   Our Wedding Day Feb 2003                                     at our church's                                              .
spouses for each one of my kids.                                                                                                                         Marriage Conference 2007                                 .

Together we're a Home-Family.
Home is where mom is, Home is where family is, Home is where love is... (sounds like a new tag line)

Any facebookers our there? Come and join me at Home-Mom on facebook. It's a place where I enjoy supporting and promoting moms who make and sell from home. My way of giving back for all the support I've received this past year.

Got a fan page? I've been writing tutorials just for you. Did you know you can customize your fb URLcreate a welcome page, and add even more customized pages?

So stop in as we're just 154 fans away from a 2k FanFiesta Giveaway. Prizes are made or sold by moms who are working from home. Still accepting sponsors.

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