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I'm bringing my Before-Baby-Body Back!

September 5, 2011

Yep! I wanted to title this post 'I'm bring sexy back'. In my opinion they're two in the same. Why as women are we so secretive about our weight and age? I never did get that. The only reason it makes sense to me is if women are hiding behind poor decisions maybe. I mean I was 20 something before, the choices I made then are catching up to me now. I drank and partied too much in college when I could have been working on good eating and sleeping habits. Over the years I've gained 80lbs since being at my lowest of 143 right after military boot camp. So I can't blame it all on babies.

I don't want to hide anymore. Hi, my name is Christy and I'm 5'6 and weigh 219lbs. Why am I so bold in sharing this? I have a new found confidence that I can take this extra baggage off. If you've been following me lately you know I've lost 5 inches in 30 days of using Lindsay Brin's 60Day Slimdown System. There's no measure of energy to tell you how my levels have been affected these past 39 days but they've improved and yet some thing's still lacking. I feel tired but I do more. Before I felt like doing nothing and did exactly that. Now thankfully I get more done in the day but  I really do feel tired still. What's going on?

Today I wanted to share with you a concept that not too many people are aware of. I was aware but forgot until recently. This is a trailer for the movie Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead. If you have netflix, watch it in it's entirety instantly. My goal can not be to get skinny anymore. I want to be healthy and live long and strong.

I have to tell the truth, I've not been following Lindsay's nutritional plan. You'll find a few 'count-your-calories' type of plans on her site. I can not count calories nor do I want to. I have too many things to keep track of then add up numbers all day. She mentioned a much more realistic type plan on one of her DVDs. The plan is called the plate method and it's not a diet. Here's how it works:

Cut your plate in half, fill one side with vegetables.
The other half, equal parts meat and whatever you want.

You can't give me that kind of head room, there's just too much freedom. I'm an all-in or nothing sort of girl. I'll over indulge and eat, or I'll eat very little any given day. Right now I need help in finding that middle ground. I know I need to eat more vegetables. I like vegetables but I can't seem to wrap my taste buds around making them a whole meal. I need a major detox. Fat is your body's way of protecting itself from harmful toxins. With these and past workouts I'm breaking down stored fat and exposing myself to stored toxins then feel a weird sluggish energy boost.
I'm not a doctor. I encourage you to do your own research and make your own conclusions. If you feel led and want please join me October 1st in a 10-15 day reboot. I'm currently on day39 with Lindsay's system and am so happy about the changes in my posture and abs. I have had fewer hiatal hernia incidents, I've been drinking more water, I've began running again too. I just know I need to detox and what better way to do it then a natural back to basics way.

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