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Rethink Reusables - Feminine Products

August 3, 2011

Yes it's possible, and comfortable. We use cloth for our babies why not for mom too? Everyone should rethink what they are putting into their bodies. All personal hygiene items are usually used daily but have some of the most lethal ingredients or materials. Toothpaste (fluoride), deodorant (aluminum), shampoos and soaps (laurel sulphate), etc... I'm always on the lookout for products to help steer clear of these things.

I remember the first time I saw a product called Instead on the shelf at good old Wal-mart. It claimed I didn't have to change my pad or tampon but just 2 times a day, that's 12 hr protection. But how do you remove it? I know, I know...
your first thought is Ewwwwww!

Instead now just called Softcup
But the product emptied itself with every potty break (you know you're a mommy when you say POTTY). The only problem with Instead was they were one time use per cup. Either me or The Hubs were still running to the store every four weeks. I have enough things to worry about then that sort of panic. Cloth diapers, Mama Cloth/Cloth Pads and reusable cups eliminate that sort of stress. Not only that, why throw away money?

Breaking Down Cost:
Tampons on average cost $10 a month. In one year you'd have spent $120 for tampons alone.
Pads on average cost $5 a box. In one year you'd have spent $60 for pads alone. 
(35 years is a woman's average life cycle and those numbers)

Reusable Pads... This past April I received 2 pads from Moms Crafts 4U on Etsy. I really didn't know what to think. Her blog does a great job answering why you should use cloth and what materials she uses. Conventional pads have to be changed every 1-2 hours. Not the case with this pad...

It was crazy neat how much liquid this thing could hold. But they stay dry. No wet yucky feeling, and I mean all day, this thing is AMAZING!

The Hubs heard all about it. This was probably the first time I'd ever been excited about my period coming. I'd heard so many other moms praise mama cloth. Now I know why.

So, how do you clean these?
It's simple and easy. You clean them the same way you'd wash your delicates or potty training clothes. I rinse mine with cold water and then throw in the washer with my regular clothes (cold water recommended). Rinsing or soaking these is the real test of how much this pad can hold but not necessary. Then just throw in the dryer. Moms Crafts 4U offers starter kits that will include everything you need to... well get started .)

What if pads aren't your thing? As soon as I could wear tampons I never looked back (until kids). I was a sports girl, pads and running never mixed well.

The very first thing besides the anxiety of learning how to wear a tampon that I remember is reading about toxic shock syndrome or TSS. Tampax defines it is here but basically it's a bacteria strain that our bodies usually fight off but can cause death and has been linked to tampon use. Doesn't that scare you just a bit? It scared me way back when and I thought of it every time I opened up a new box of tampons from the store. I just thought that was a risk I had to take.

I don't and will not ever again. A few months ago I also received a Miacup. They promise to
help save the planet, save my wallet, and save my life 
(okay that was a bit dramatic) but you get the point. If you google reusable menstrual cups several options will come up but they all pretty much resemble this shape and concept.

They hold the liquid instead of drying out your inner walls like tampons which can lead to ulcers, irritations, and lesions. They don't leave fibers or chemicals behind. It's easy to insert plus Miacup has done an amazing job with videos and pictures to help take away the confusion. Just like tampons you hardly know it's there.

Both products do not interfere with the natural cleansing process of your body. Nor do they introduce harmful chemicals into your body. I know there is no possible way to eliminate every single harmful chemical in today's world, but it's the little things that make big differences.

I'm curious to know how many of you already knew about these types of products.
After reading this post are you willing to rethink reusable feminine products?

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