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Speech Therapy at Home with Mom

July 26, 2011

H ome is where it's at. That's my goal anyways. Home school, home birth, home cooking, home boyeeeees... okay that last one was just making sure you weren't dozing off already. Wait a minute, speech therapy at home? Super Star Speech was created by Deborah Lott, a licensed Speech language pathologist with a Master's degree in Education/ Speech Pathology, and she says you can work with your kids from home.

You mean, I don't have to be licensed and know what the heck I'm doing. Or at least know enough to fake it? (I felt like this before we decided to home school) My momma always said "Fake it til ya make it". This philosophy really can only get you so far. However, it can also push you in the right direction. I think what my mom meant was to keep going, don't let your inexperience keep you from trying. I'm grateful for my blog for that very reason. Plus I get some really great opportunities to review great products that can help real families with real problems.

I've got four kids (I know you know already know this) and for the most part they've all spoken very clearly from a very early age. Of course I had girls first so the rules got thrown off the cliff once my little boys came into the picture. Lil man, my oldest son, is 30mos old. He didn't start talking freely until right after his 2nd birthday and now the boy won't hush. With each child has come a new language for me to learn. Lil Man says the (ee) sound where (errr) should be. It really is adorable, how can you not smile when you hear,
"thundy skeys me"(thunder scares me) or
  "latey, I going to week" (later, I'm going to work).
I know not to repeat him and try to correct him but he gets pretty frustrated when he doesn't get right then. The Hubs would say he's impatient like his momma. It seems this will be a long process but I am determined and we definitely can't afford Speech Therapy right now or anytime soon.

We received the ebook which
is 30% off the normal price.
Deborah has developed Super Star Speech for that very reason, to make speech therapy at home for children more affordable.
All of my readers will receive a 20% off your purchase by using code mamabuzz at Plus if you're a fan of Super Star Speech on facebook you'll see posts about free shipping until mid August. Yes!

Super Star Speech comes in several different books, we received the Super Star R and L ebook (ebook are up to 40% cheaper too). It has over 160 picture cards, games, worksheets, and more. This is really great for our homeschooling one on ones. There are quite a few more books available. S,ch, z, sh etc.

Example R Picture Cards
I love how you are supposed to get out a mirror to practice. Lil Man puckers his lips up so cute to pronounce the (errr) sounds. I have to stop myself every time from kissing his cutie tootie lips. Wonder why some kids do speak 'funny'? We've never spoken to our kids like babies. I think this helps enormously. Some of our family still will speak to my girls with that silly baby talk. "Does baby want somesing too eat". It really does more harm than good.

I'm not talking about silly voices, we do that. I'm talking about serious change in tone and pronunciation when talking to babies and/or toddlers. We are the teachers, save yourself some money and time.

Don't forget limited FREE Shipping and the 20%off code mentioned above. I hope you've enjoyed this review. Please let me know what resources you've used or want to use for your child. I can't wait to post a progress post. We actually took a break from school this summer and schooled just 1-2 times a week.

This is a Mama Buzz review, to read more reviews/giveaways about Super Star Speech from other Mama Buzz reviews visit Mama This product was provided by: Super Star Speech for the purpose of this review. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions made are 100%mine.

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