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How to Bank with your Blog

July 20, 2011

Making money blogging. Where, sign me up! Well, if I'm going to spend so much time, time, and more time on anything I'd might as well get paid for it, right? I posted before about posting for cash (at least I think I did). I wrote here, here, and here for money with SocialSpark. It sure helped out in a tight spot. I've reviewed several items with MamaBzz Tours and Tomoson. I've even contacted suppliers directly which was sort of scary back then. I can't say they've all said yes. In fact most of them said...

"No, not right now..." (probably because I didn't have significant numbers) 
but occasionally some actually said "YES" Yessssssssssssss!.
Those were the happy times filled with ignorant bliss.

Now times are busy and I hate to say it but I've gotten just a little bit too much on my plate. I've got EWYE (you know, eating with you eyes). Maybe I got that all wrong, I mean it sounds so glamorous to get all this awesome stuff for FREE in the mail weekly sometimes daily. But free means something the blogging world. Everything I received serves a purpose, ADVERTISING.

Get this, I provide FREE advertising for FREE stuff (or money). It's all disclosed in my spiffy disclosure policy here. Because I'm PR friendly like that. Good thing advertising was my minor in college. Since I mentioned college I also have to mention I didn't finish, but that doesn't disqualify me now does it? It all boils down to this, I love to promote. I love how ads can make you feel if done right. I love graphics, techy html, design, logos, tag lines, buttons, tutorials, sewing, crocheting etc.

No one has ever said this to me but I sort of felt like I was selling out in the beginning.
Will blog for food pretty much was my motto (and sometimes still is). But now I've settled into a nice niche and don't see the relevance in posts like this or even this. Where is that sweet middle spot? I want to write for me but I also want a side of residual income. MThen maybe 'The Hubs' won't get so upset when I'm constantly taking pics of EVERYTHING for 'The Blog'. He'll know I'm just funding our next date night.

I read a wonderful post by Melissa over at momcomm called "You Can Earn WHAT with Affiliate Links?", and it got me so pumped up to start affilitizing. Why? Because we still want to be a WAHF (work a home family). 'The Hubs' is under paid and over worked, plus it's been a dream of ours since before kids. Since we've been married we've worked together or in the same building 90% of the time. We like each other that much .) I'm tired of just seeing him on weekends and late at night.

My Solution, write more posts about things I truly am passionate about. Photography, Coding, and Crafting and blog using beneficial links. The yearly financial income, proposed by Melissa, from just using affiliate links would make any mommy blogger drop their bottles. It was put this way, if you’re not making money from affiliate marketing, you’re doing it wrong. Well boggy friends, I've done it all wrong.

I'm Affilitized with:
Granola Babies (back before I even knew what an affiliate was), Snapily, and just recently Amazon.
I'm also apart of a few group deals sites: Moolala (posted here) and GroopDealz (posted here). Oh how I love free stuff, but money would be a tad bit helpful right about now. I'm sure you can agree with me there.

This isn't a good-bye to sponsored posts. I'm simply saying hello to more posts without deadlines and requirements. What are your thoughts?
How do you feel about blogging and making money? I'd like to know .)

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