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KuKuWa Dance Workout Review

July 19, 2011

Ihave to tell you how excited I am to get to review exercise products. I grew up with leg warmers on my ankles, literally. My mom was an aerobics instructor and just like Army Brats (much like any kid) I went everywhere my mommy went. And who wants to sit on the sidelines when you can get up and dance with your momma at aerobic events.

There's the most adorable article in a small town paper where I grew up with the cutest little girl in the picture. Yep it was me decked out in a one piece Jane Fonda-leotard with rainbow brite leg warmers.

I wish I could find that to show to my girls. My mom thinks she has it some place so who knows. All that to say that KuKuWa reminds me so much of my mom back then. She is a super energetic, highly motivate, and loves to dance and get people's bodies moving. If you ever meet my mom today she'll be the life of the party for sure. She's a great motivator.

My mom in the 80s with acid wash jeans  (yesssss)....Maybe it's just the hair and beautiful smiles.
What is KuKuWa Dance, who is KuKuWa?
Kukuwa is an internationally acclaimed African Dance Performer, Dance Choreographer Fitness Dance Instructor and Originator of Gye Nyame African Cultural Dance Company, and Kukuwa, LLC® of the Kukuwa Dance Workout®. 

KuKuWa promises and delivers with her 'total body workout'. Literally from head to toe your entire body will be worked. I really do recommend this routine to anyone bored with their current workouts. As I get bored easily and need to switch between at least 3 different workouts in a week

Working out at home is so different from going to the gym but with 4 kids and one car that isn't an option. Plus that gym bill isn't anywhere near our budget. If classes are your thing you can find one near you.

I received both of the Move Your Boombsey DVDs
together aprox $35)

Youth - Dance Party Workout      &   Adults - African Dance Workout

I love to dance and still have more baby weight to lose. Gaining about 5-10 lbs with almost every pregnancy and 4 kids later I'm at more than ready do move. My pre-baby weight before any kids was 180 and I was so terribly unhappy with that number (silly me). I'm currently 215.

So I'm here at age 30, 35lbs away from my pre-preg weight and 65 away from my ultimate goal (which is 10 less than I posted here). If I can encourage anyone it would be to Keep it up! One of my fave bible verse is this...
...At the right time we will harvest a good crop if we don't give up, or quit.
I need a fun, happy, but challenging routine that will help motivate and keep me going and KuKuWa Dance really does do exactly that. It has now become apart of my exercise arsenal.

The products mentioned in this post written here were provided for the purpose of this review. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions made are mine: Christy, Home-Mom.
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