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Budweiser Ultimate Backyard BBQ House Party™

July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth Yall! I know it's seems like forever since I've posted. Especially about non bloggy stuff. We have extended families, extra families, and made some frams (friends + fam) along the way. Saturday to Sunday was non-stop partying and this momma is partied out. Did I mention my hunormous fanpage party going on right now?

My fan page has surpassed the good old blog. Starting at 279 in May 2011 Home-Mom on facebook has now reached over 1,100 fans! Head on over to enter to win some really neat prizes. I tried to focus on promoting WAHMs or mom-made goodies. Make sure to read the rules before entering, every party has to have rules.

So back to my Bud Party...

I signed up with House Party sometime last year. Where social marketing comes straight to your front door and companies give you a chance to try out their products to blog, tweet, and share about. This lovely fourth of July I was picked to host my 2nd House Party, a Budweiser Ultimate Backyard BBQ House Party™. It was really fun! Any time spent with the fam is a Goooood Time. I got all of this to share with everyone. Throwing a party is always fun but just a bit easier when even a few things are taken care of.

Especially when these are involved...

Sauer Kraut stuffed Sausage wrapped in Bacon...
this is def not a daily dish

The family and I had a fun-filled but exhausting weekend.

To top it all off tonight our neighbors put on a nice firework show!


Happy Fourth to you all and Happy Birthday America!

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