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Book Review
Survival of the Smartest, The First 72 Hours

June 9, 2011

Today there seems to be a lot of Earthquakes, Tornadoes, and Tsunamis. It seems like that's all we see in the news. How do you prepare for something so unpredictable. What can you do? I recently wrote a post on ways to donate to those in need here. I was happy to receive an ebook by Aaron Turpen, Survival of the Smartest, the First 72 Hours. Aaron not only stresses the importance of the first 3 days but goes on to help prepare you for even longer.

I'm aware we can't rely on the government to protect us in times of crisis. Let the past speak for itself.

About the Author
Aaron doesn't proclaim to be a professional expert. So what makes him qualified to talk about this topic? He answered my question in the first few pages. It comes down to how he was raised.

He was raised Mormon and grew up in a true 'Self Sufficent' home. The sort of home I dream about running where you grow and make all your food, can it, freeze it, or salt and dry it. He describes having a 72-hr kit in the house and in the car. It was both common and practical.

Aaron is working on more volumes to concentrate on preparing for longer periods of time. Survival of the Smartest, the First 72 Hours is just the beginning.
Believe for the best,
Prepare for the worst.
My new motto .)
What's the Point?
To help you prepare for the worst. There are some really great things mentioned in this book that don't just pertain to natural disasters, which is the books main purpose. The most important points that really had me researching are things that have already happened in the past. The leadership structure breakdown in Katrina, and the lack of communication about the nuclear issues after the earthquakes in Japan. If you're weighing the safety of your loved ones with how well your government will protect, I don't think lady justice is not tipping in your favor. Again my opinion comes from what I've seen and researched.

What's Covered
Topics include:
What to do in the first 3minutes, 3 days, and going up to a year. ◕ Making a 72-hr kit. ◕ Evacuation, and what to do in Specific Disaster Situation (earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, nuclear incidents, volcanoes, fire, even Civil War ).

Neighbor helping Neighbor vs. Loot and Plunder, these are your basic situations you'll encounter when disaster strikes. This book is filled with common sense knowledge but also pays close attention to the small details.

I never would have thought
chewing gum, playing paintball, or having a bucket of sawdust
could aid my survival.
Attention to Details
What does food for three days consist of?
I'm already overwhelmed. We've got a household of six here. 2,000 calories per day per person, um yeah. I've been struggling with our family's meal plan for months now. Aaron's advice is to start small.

What sort of bag do I need? How much will it weigh?
A good one and 30 lbs! Wowza. Makes sense when you must prepare for enough food for each person in the house. I'd better get in shape just to haul it all.

All kidding aside, I know I need to get in shape. Now that I have more kids than I can carry, if someone napped one of them I may not be able to chase them. The Hubs has the speed while I've got the Muscles. My brawn does no good if I can't keep up. Pretty harsh but take it or leave it, being healthy has a big role in being prepared.

Survival of the Smartest, the First 72 Hours is a great place to start thinking about putting plans in place for the What Ifs. I'm going on my 2nd year in my home and we have yet to put together a fire drill. This book really got me thinking in a good way about.

Is a 72-hr kit a new concept to you?

What are some ways you have prepared your family for major or small disasters?

Leave a comment I'd love to hear what you have to say .)

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