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DIY Water-Birth: Midwife not Included

June 12, 2011

I received a discount from for the purpose of this review. However all opinions expressed are my own.

It's about time I share my latest birth story with you, since youre' my blog friends and all. It's been seven months and that's one long past due review. I had a DIY HomeBirh. Also called an Unassisted Birth, Unassisted Home Birth, FreeBirth, but they all mean the same thing. I had my baby at home Do-It-Yourself style, without a midwife. I know that freaks some of you out already. I was freaked out too 5 years ago before I started rethinking the traditional birth process. To tell you the absolute truth I was initially motivated by money, or I should say the lack of it. Comparatively speaking birthing at home would be a whopping 80% Off the hospital's costs. I'll go more into that in a later post, I promise.

R- pT born in the hospital 2004
L- pj born at home 2006
lil D born at home 2009lil turkey born at home 2010

I've had 3 homebirths in total. The first 2 were delivered by a midwife and by most would've been considered high risk. princessJ was a whopping 10lbs and got stuck a bit and lil Dreamy was posteior who could have got stuck more than a bit. The midwife we had has had more experience then most doctors in the Oklahoma/Texas area. It was easy relying on her to help us. But with our last son we weren't able to workout a sufficient payment plan like we had before and were faced with the Unassisted option.

I don't want to seem rude in anyway, our previous midwife did and continues to do a wonderful job and loves what she does, but I did feel put out. Once I got to thinking about her services they were pretty much the same as a doctor. In short we were paying for peace of mind. Paying to have an expert walk us through something my body if healthy could do all on it's own.

Don't get me wrong, to have peace about what you're doing makes a world of difference in any decision. In the beginning I didn't have peace, instead I had stress. I cried and felt pushed into a situation I didn't get to fully think out and choose myself. I prayed, researched, and read every bible verse on pregnancy and labor I could. Then I prayed and researched again. I returned back to my first homebirth dream, WaterBirth.

Why Water? Water is said to be nature's epidural. I can't say while in active labor I've never screamed asked for an epidural, but I believe their affects are more harmful than they are helpful. I'm not willing to take that particular risk with my body. Signing a waiver that states I may be paralyzed for the rest of my life, I think I'll pass. Having a water birth has been a dream of mine since I found out I was pregnant with pJ 5 years ago. Now that we had our own home I knew I wanted to try. What could be worse? If anything it would be easier.

I needed some supplies. Feeling tight on cash I did what I do best, I started looking for sponsors. On October 11th, one month before lil Turkey would make his debut Debra Nelson Thorpe, Owner of YourWaterBirth and Midwife, jumped aboard and truly saved me. I not only received this...

La Bassine ® Pool with Custom Fit Liner
With a
Birthing Budget of $300 we purchaseda ...

Pool, Pool Liner, Pump, Hose, Hose adaptor, VHS tables,
all our supplies ended up right on budget. 
Birthing Kit not pictured.

Debra also threw in a few VHStapes.
(with over 10 births) Such a comfort.

I purchased the same birthing materials such as sutures, pads, gloves, etc from the same site my former midwife used. After that we just played the waiting game.

My little guy got here 2 weeks early,
luckily it only took 30min to blow up my pool with the pump and fill it with room temperature water. It took us over an hour because I'd used up all the hot water earlier that morning. Silly me, what on earth was I thinking.

Later that day I got this guy. My pregnancy and his birth weren't planned the way I wanted but I got more than I could have dreamed. His birth was both beautiful and miraculous.

I was so exhausted if you can imagine, yet he looks so peaceful at Home on Mom's shoulder

The pool has not lost it's value!
pT (missing 4 teeth)          lil D (stud muffin)                pJ (my lion) 
I now use our 'pool' to keep my peeps cool. 

The pool is temporary, so over time it will break down. A lot of people will sale their pools to another mother or even midwife who will get more than just once use from it. I thought of doing that but never got around to it.

Big, big thanks to Debra. Without her offer I might not have had enough resources to make my birthing dream come true. Will we have more babies? That seems to be the $Million Question. As of yet the answer is...

(as I shrug)

I highly recommend YourWaterBirth if you considering a homebirth. Of all the sites I stumbled upon theirs is the most organized and great customer service is always an added bonus.

The products mentioned in this post written here were provided by:YourWaterBirth for the purpose of this review. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions made are mine: Christy, Home-Mom.

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