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Birthday Resolution: SITS31DBBB

June 1, 2011

How to BlogEvery year on my real birthday I make up resolutions or things I'd like to change about myself or change in my life. I'm 30 now, I guess that's the magical number of reflection. My blog shouldn't be any different right? My big SITS-tah will be helping me get things in order. Hopefully I can stick to it this time. I tried to last year but as I recall I didn't get further than 3rd day.

Today's assignment: Write an elevator pitch. Something that sums up what your blog is all about. I wrote this last year:
Home is wherever mom is, meaning whatever mood mom's in the home will feel it. Helping moms see the connection between home and mom.
So this year I submitted:
Home is wherever mom is.
Making the connection in my life between Home and Mom, and helping others do the same.
I think I'd like to change it up and say... Making the Home better, one Mom at a time.

Is that too cheesy?

Want to join me on this totally awesome challenge? Get connected with the SITS girls, follow #SITS31DBBB on twitter, and Participate.

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