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Princess Style: 5 Reasons why we love "Mommy".

June 2, 2011

Day 2. Assignment: Make a List. Here goes nothing .) I could've stressed out and thought really hard about something really important. You know the kind of content that will change the world. Nope, not my kind of thing.

Instead I asked my girls princessT who's 6¾ and princessJ who'll be 5 in just 2 weeks, why they love mommy so much. This ought-to-be gooood...
Hey Girls c'mere, tell me why you like Mommy so much...

1. "Because you give us new baby brothers and sisters." - pT

2. "I love you because you are special to me and you do school
    and I love school
- pJ

3. "Oh, oh, and you teach us how to do physics..." - pT
    ME - "I don't teach you how to do physics!"
    "Wait. Whats physics?" - pT

4.  "You're special to me" - pJ

5. "You let me use your deodorant" - pT
Back Story: I've noticed a tiny bit of BO coming form the arm pits of my first born baby girl. Srsly! She's only 6 (and ¾) it can't be. I'm not ready for this. What's next? Talk of tampons and boyfriends. Nope, never going to happen!
I think I should do this list thing more often, the fact that pJ said I'm special twice makes me smile ear to ear.
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