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Make Mom's Day: Najite Boutique

May 8, 2011


More jewelry, yes! Happy Mother's Day to all of you today. I hope you get to sleep in, breakfast gets cooked by someone else, and you get served in bed. Okay, maybe that's my dream. My dream is to also tour the world in a Winnebago. Whichever comes first. I do hope every mom receives something so special that it reminds you how worth it the other 364 days of the year are.

Today I'd love to introduce you to a good good friend of mine, creator and designer of Najité Jewelry Boutique pronounced { Nah-gee-tay },
Racheal O. Najité is one of the most vivid and expressive jewelry lines I've ever seen. I'm serious, It is Soooooooo Good! Just stunning! I am so proud of my friend, she has worked so hard creating a brand that is unlike any other.
Racheal's passion for designing jewelry was born out of a simple dilemma: She had a fabulous outfit, but could not find the jewelry she envisioned wearing with that outfit anywhere. She picked up a book to learn the basics and the rest is history. Najite` is derived from Racheal's Nigerian middle name which means "this is sufficient" or "this is good".

excerpt from
                              Jewelry for any occasion...

.the perfect day.

Najité - Bridal Collection

{ Sophisticated & Elegant }

The Diamond Net Bracelet
Hand stitched with 5mm turquoise beads and tiny metallic silver beads. Made to order.

| Colorful & Bold |

Why yes, they do look like giant nerd candies. I want one in every color please!
{ photography by: Sacred Image Photography / S.i.p the blog }

What do you think?
"Like" Najité Jewelry on facebook and tell her... she'd love to here from you.

For a limited time
get 25% off when you spend $50 or more.

Use code: LOVEMOM until May 14th

I did not receive any prize or monetary gain to write this post from or on behalf of Najité.
All opinions are 100% mine and posted here because I Love ♥ her.
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