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B.i.G. Time With PrincessJ

May 29, 2011

Idon't write enough about the most important things in my life. My kids! I have to admit I've gotten caught up in the Blog Review-Whirlwind. I love reviews and giveaways but lately it's been more about me getting behind on obligations. Can we say mis-managed much?

So today and from now on I'd like to document these B.i.G. Moments in photos as I get my priorities straight. princessJ is my youngest daughter. She's almost 5 going on 19. She loves to be 'Crazy' and her best friend is this guy...

Not to be confused with lil Turkey...


I think confessions of a stay at home mom will be a new series soon.
We school at home but some days, because of my mis-management, the kids are begging me to "do school". I hope they always love learning.

This little girl can throw one mean tea party.

pJ and I don't always see eye to eye. Mostly because we're a lot alike,
loving with some STUBBORNES STRONG-WILL. I've said that since day one.

Lately she's been writing notes on her own. Sounding out the words and spelling as she goes.
The B.i.G. Moment today happened when she read to me. This is HUGE people!

I♥This Face!
I couldn't be more proud that she's so proud of herself.

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