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April 19, 2011

Inever quite understood the importance of having a pail liner until we began to use cloth diapers back in May 2010. Lil Dreamy was just 18months old and went through 6 or more diapers a day. We didn't have a hamper, how big the pile of clothes got next to our front door is how I judged when it was time to do laundry. I know, I know, bad mommy. It was bad and The Hubs was the first to mention we needed a better solution.
The folks atsent me this...

It's a bag, what's so special about a bag?

Let me share with you a little about the laundering process in cloth diapering. After your child has gone number 1 or number 2,
(it doesn't matter which, they both stink the same)
you've got to put the diapers somewhere. You can either choose to use the wet pail system or the dry pail system.
I'll break it down even further.

Dry Pail System:
Diapers are placed in a bag, pail, or washer until ready for the wash. You could use plastic bags, or just an empty pail but you'd have to throw the bags away or wash the pail after every use. A nylon coated bag offers a few perks. Diapers slide out when ready to wash. It will not soak up any of the nasties from the diapers, and they are reusable/rewashable/water-resistant. Once washed I simply hung our bag near the washer and it was ready for the next load in no time. It is recommended to have 2 liners for easy rotation but we worked it with one and it worked out well.
Thirsties does not recommend the wet system as soaking diapers longer than 10 minutes can compromise the lamination of the covers and break down the fibers of the absorbent diapers.

Wet Pail System:
In a container, like a 5 gallon bucket, you'd place soiled diapers in to soak. Filling the bucket a quarter full of water and then add essential oils (lavender and tea tree oil are great  at cutting out odor but also are naturally antibacterial) or Bac-Out ( an enzyme stain remover) for the smell. Detergents are said to be very harsh on diapers and can cause premature wear and breakdown. However I've recently heard by one of my lovely readers that used Dreft for years and never had a problem. If you don't wash diapers every day this helps the diapers to obtain a second wash so to speak and you don't need a liner.
It is always expressed and with great reason,
that if you are using the wet pail system in your home
that you have a container with a lid that seals.
Curious children can fall in head first and drown. 

Each systems has it's perks but both are stinky. We're dealing with Pee and Poo.
(my girls would so be giggling right now)

What I love about this company is they are 100% convinced reusable is the way to go, and I agree. Did you know...
Less than one half of 1% of people follow the fine print guidelines on their disposable diaper package: "IMPORTANT: Shake baby soil into toilet." Raw sewage that is tossed into our landfills contaminates our water supply and breeds viruses and bacteria that are then spread to humans by insects.

Hands down one of my favorite diaper covers is our thirsties cover in aqua. I love it! I received one from a friend who was very helpful financially in our initial jump to cloth. It was used and still kicking. PUL and plastics are not the only covers out there for cloth diaper but they are super helpful with containing messies and smells.

Interested in learning more about Thirsties or cloth diapering? Visit to request a catalog.
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