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Kingstone Media - Review/Giveaway

December 8, 2010

Who has time to read nowadays? That's what I had been thinking back in June when I first began this blog. A LONG time ago I'd read books well into the night with a flashlight under my blankets fighting my eyelids who desperately wanted to close just to finish the chapter, page, or sentence. Why would I do that? To escape into another place and be transformed into another time. I'm now in mommy time where every minute is no longer my own. Time has gotten even more precious, specifically night time. This momma needs sleep and with a newborn who's days and nights are flipped, it ain't happenin'.

SudanBooks - I've been privileged to be be a part of a select few to review a media package from In that packaged I received a book titled Sudan. Ever since I've picked it up it's been really hard to put back down. I have to say I'm a bit behind on bringing this review live with the early birth of my 4th child. After starting this book waking up in the middle of night to feed lil turkey also encompassed me reading a few chapters. Captivating can't really describe the story that is being told about a place so very far away from me. The actual location is miles away but I also mean the culture is far from me, the slavery, the trafficking, the brutality is so far from me it's hard to fathom it exists. I'm an African-American, Black, those titles have always seemed funny to me. Whatever you call it my skin color matches that of the girl on the cover of this book. People of all races and colors have been persecuted all over the world. I just never thought now, in the 21st century it'd still be going on. At first I had to make myself start this book because I was unsure of what it was about but now I've seen with my eyes what is going on so far away.

Kingstone Media Group  Sudan was written by Art Ayris and Ninie Hammon and based on a true story. The excitement is unreal, the possibilities of hope in some situations, then the absence of hope in others. Sudan describes a moment in time, decades of violence have already played out. The government is helping to cleanse out a people to be thought as less than. The devastation is huge and unimaginable. Slavery, mutilations, murder, child endangerment, it's all so brutal. There has been a war of sorts going on between the North Nomads (arab/muslims) and the South Tribals (non-arab/muslims). The Sudanese government helped the North raid in Darfur by providing arms and planes to attack the villages of the tribals. This book brings you a vantage point from all sides making sure there's an understanding if what is really going on. Politicians, Tribesmen, Tribeswomen, Tribal Children, Muslim Slave Traders/Militia, and Muslims against it all, Activists, and more.

   What I've found since researching about Sudan is this has been going on for decades, recently there seems to be hope in the political stance but still so many people have been hurt. I hope you get a chance to read this story for yourself. You will find yourself crying for those who have no more tears. You'll feel almost as helpless as those who are taken away from their families. I seriously can't believe what is going on on the world today, 2010. From beginning to end you hope all goes well but towards the end you are left with a wonder hope even exists. It does! Search online, find out what you can do. Do something! Yes we have the same sorts of things going on right here in the United States. I don't necessarily think it's the government's job to police the world but "we the people" of our nation, the church, CAN do something. Find out how you can help. Watch this trailer for the book then search for other videos.

"... a story of convicting significance whose characters are strengthened in their trials against the burning hatred of corrupted officials. Their diligence and perseverance beckons us to stand and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves and to defend the rights of the poor and needy."
Governor Mike Huckabee, Arkansas
(back cover of The Redemption of Akin Apot)
About the authors:
Ninie Hammon's first book, the biography God Said Yes, was published by Penguin's Berkeley imprint and highlighted her skill at weaving facts into a gripping, compelling human-interest story.

Art Ayris is a multiple award winning writer and producer on whose screenplay the story of Sudan was based. He currently serves as Publisher and CEO of Kingstone Media Group, a central Florida based comics and media company, and is an Executive Pastor of First Baptist Church in Leesburg, FL.

Comics - Along with this book I also received some pretty outstanding comics and other products from Kingstone Media. I was super surprised at how much I got but feel so blessed to have the material I know will be a go-to for years to come. The comics are what you'd expect for all the worldly super heroes. Except these are God-centered with heroes being Moses, Jesus, and stories from Revelation. Ever wondered how Comics are made? Now you know. Just look at these illustrations. Amazing talent paired with God's word is such a great thing to see.

  The Beginning  Elijah The Christ

Note: These may be too graphic for little ones and some topics are a bit advanced too. For example while reading The Christ, Volume 1, a story about Jesus' birth, I found myself skipping over why Joseph wouldn't have wanted to marry Mary when he learned of her early pregnancy. I'm glad we have this story because it will serve as a great tool for future lessons. The kids love the pictures and I love the realness it offers. The manger was not this nice clean room Jesus was born in a dirty place and it's illustrated very well here.

Movies - All around there are just some great things coming out of Kingstone. The Touch is a movie that may come across as low budget (let's face it, this isn't Paramount) but the story is real and has touched so many including me. This story is a true one as well shedding light on what it takes to pick your life up after its shattered into pieces. The church in the movie is a real and located in Leesburg, FL.
Such a profound statement and comes from the movie. It was also said by the real pastor at the church. I have a home church that I've attended for the past ten years and I hope I don't fall in that category. I don't know what is so terrible about country clubs, if I could afford it I might join, Church, however, should never come with a cost.

"The Church" is supposed to be a hospital the poor, needy, and orphaned come to for healing at no charge. Hannah, the main character in this movie, has seen some truly dark times in her life. She needs healing and comes to a place where people were supposed to help her. Instead some didn't want to "get their hands dirty" and didn't see the hurting people Hannah and the other women were. What a great story. I have my heart set on a sequel (if there is one) and a film adaptation of Sudan. Although these are heart-wrenching stories they are real. They need to be told so we know what evils are laying in weight and trying to hide away from the masses.

Kingstone Media is going to give a lucky Home-Mom reader the same media package I received. You could receive all of this valued over $70 Buy it - or- 

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But has featured Sudan as their FREE book of the month for the month of December. Head on over to download a FREE pdf version from now until the 31st. Every one's a winner!

This is a Mama Buzz review. The products were provided by Kingstone Media for the purpose of this review and all opinions are 100% mine. This Giveaway is sponsored by Kingstone Media and will end DEC. 17th at 11:00pm, CT. A winner will be chosen via The winner must contact me within 48hrs or a new winner will be chosen. Thank you all for entering and to this amazing company doing a great work in this world.
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