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i ♥ shutterfly

December 14, 2010

This love is real. I recently got to host a Shutterfly House Party and received a free photo book along with 14 codes to share with my friends and family. Each of us also got 15 Christmas cards. I've gotten to make 2 photo books prior to this so I already felt like a pro. Have you ever put your family pictures into a picture album? I mean the kind where the pages stick to each other? I have all of our family's pictures in a chest that I've been lugging around with plans to scrapbook something spectacular. That day still has not come. How about a photo book, much easier. Although you can't change the pictures around when you tire of the arrangement the look and quality of these printed books are beautiful.

This next year I hope I can make a few more books as gifts for the grandparents. Our kids have 7 sets including 2 great grandmas, yeah we need those books hot off the press pronto! In 2011 I hope to be more organized. The gift giving possibilities are endless. I just love this full front photo card for the Holidays.

For mom the need is great! I've got four kids now so Birthday Invites are a must. Even if you like to make and create your own you can relax and pick and choose from a wide selection.Cards & Stationary for all those thank yous from the Holidays and such.

If you've not discovered Shutterfly go now, you just might find a discount special going on. The Photo Mugs are too cute and would be adorable as part of a hot cocoa gift set. I'm just sayin'. Hope your Holiday preparations have gone smoothly. For more great gift ideas check out my Home-Mom Holiday Gift Guide.

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