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New Year - New Beginnings

November 20, 2010

Yes! the New year is Near! I've got some old goals resurfacing, what about you? Lose weight, eat right, stop yelling at my kids, I mean be a better mother/wife .) We've had some major changes in the last year.

We got to pay off our car!
Hubby got drums.
Found out we were preg in feb
Finally had a water birth (story coming soon)
You can make a little bit of money blogging

A water leak caused us to have to demolition a downstairs closet (not related to water birth).
Our homeschooling routine took a dive after but should pick back up now that "turkey" is here.
Oven has broken down 2x and our Home Warranty has proven itself to be worthless.

Now that I'm a mommy of four I feel like this picture. How many more things can be added? There's always room for improvement right? This year we hope to get daddy working from home. Lil Dreamy will be joining in our homeschooling adventures, so our school planning year will change up a bit. It's past time to lose over 75lbs, and I want to do it in less than a year.

More simple goals include cooking 1-2 days for the week and meal planning. I know I'm a bit early on the resolution thing but I've only got now and I've been procrastinating on so many things.

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