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Prep Me, Stat!

October 21, 2010

How does one prepare for birth? You can read all the books you want, watch all the videos on youtube, or listen to other moms. At the end of the 9 months you just have to do it. Even though I'm on my 4th pregnancy I'm not a pro and will never be a pro. I'm sure the Duggar Momma wouldn't say she's a pro either. Each birth is different and exciting and nerve racking in their own ways aren't they?

My birth supplies are officially on their way and I have the sense that I'm running behind. I'm just now thinking about another little bundle laying around cooing and sleeping. Another person is about to 'Be' although the baby has 'been' a true live person for the past 8 months. My lil dreamy will be 2 in four months and I'm still learning about who he is. I don't see him as a BIG brother yet.

As you most of you know I'm planning my third homebirth. I've not written any of my birth stories and feel waaaaay behind in sharing that info with you but I plan to catch up soon. This birth has a twist, I'm getting a birthing pool and will use water and hope when the time comes to have my first water birth. 5 years ago when I started entertaining the idea of having a homebirth I researched and wanted to deliver in water. I'm thinking this go round my game plan is to try and let my body push the baby out. The midwife I had with my last 2 would let me push as soon as I wanted, I was not allowed to push with my oldest, and the counter force really helped with not feeling the contractions. I'm now wondering if it also makes thing take longer. Lil dreamy was posterior and hurt like heck, I couldn't even stand to hold him afterwards because I was in so much pain. I get extremely mad when in pain and that sweet baby on mom's chest immediately after birth did not happen between us. I didn't care that he was boy (we didn't know), I didn't care how much he weighed, I just wanted the pain to stop and it took a while.

I'm as ready as I'll ever be I think. I know what to expect and the excitement about using water really is keeping me on my toes. I can't wait to share my experience with you. How many of you are familiar with homebirth? I knew it existed but it seemed more by accident and not planned because who would plan that I thought. Now look at us ;)

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