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Oh Monday, why do you tease me so?

October 18, 2010

E ver suffer from Monday whoas? I always have such high expectations that I'll accomplish the world every Monday only to feel like I've done very little. I did accomplish dishes, and sweeping our kitchen floor. I did help the princesses organize their toys, I did make breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I did not take a nap...we did do some school work, Yipppeeee!

However I did not make a dent in our garage of chaos. We have ambitiously decided to have a garage sale, a last hoorah of sorts to clearing out our clutter and eliminating our storage payment which we have paid over the years . I'ts quite nauseating to think of all the money we've given away. Adding up our loss it would have been best if everything in storage burned up 3 years ago rather than us pay for it every month. Mr. Dreamy and I will tackle the garage for an hour even late this evening and tomorrow will be another day. A day where I will dream to accomplish more and hopefully accomplish a little something towards that goal. Trying to cut myself some slack in knowing I'm just 4 weeks away from a bundle of joy that will change this family for the better. Dreaming all my energy will bounce back speedy quick.
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