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Fly Lady Help Me!
Baby Steps Day 2: Get Dressed to lace up shoes

September 8, 2010

Now why in the world would I, a stay at home mommy with no where to be, get up and get dressed in the morning? I don't have a car, I can't go anywhere, I rarely leave the house, but I am wanting to start walking in the mornings again.

For one week, the kids and I walked down to our mail box and back. We live up on a hill and the post man won't bring us our mail so it's a pretty good distance to the mail box. TheFlyLady may have something here, my sneaks are the only shoes I have that lace up.

The funny thing about this challenge is I'm really working hard not to skip ahead. The website has all 31 days linked on one page but no title to tell you what each day will hold.

I'm really pleased with the results, not only have I seen an improvement with my kitchen but my whole downstairs is beginning to keep some order.

Want to follow along? Visit TheFlyLady-BabySteps and join me in this house cleaning revolution.
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