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Baby Steps Day 4: Write These Things Down

September 9, 2010

So, I have to confess a minor hiccup. I let my sink go pretty much all day. I just didn't feel like cleaning it so I didn't. A lot of things I do are governed by how I feel and this is wrong I know. We've started school on a more consistent basis (2x this week already) and because we do not have a daily routine there is just way to much chaos around this house some days.
Day Four

This is why I've started this routine builder. This family needs some consistency, and consistent chaos just won't do.

I'm struggling with getting dressed, I don't see the purpose in it. I know deep down that I'll feel better, I know that I'll look better. I KNOW these things but yet I'm still not following through.

Mr. Dreamy gets home late and of course I want to stay up and see him since he leaves shortly after waking up. So I started creating another family schedule. I came across this one from an article I found on Help homeschooling mommies! What kind of schedule do you all follow?

Where did Day 3 go? No, I didn't skip it. It's here.

Want to follow along? Visit TheFlyLady-BabyStepsand join me in this house cleaning revolution.

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