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Fly Lady Help Me!
Baby Steps Day 1: Shine your Sink

September 7, 2010

I would be so embarrased to let anyone see my house day to day. It takes me several days to prepare for company. Stress with a capital S = cleaning because it's not a daily routine for me. Well I'm calling in reinforcements, TheFlyLady. I've heard of, even attempted to try her plan before. I started her baby steps program yesterday...

Ok, that means go clean up my kitchen right? Well sort of, just get your sink tidy, clean up all the dishes and then shine your sink. It really has amazed me how many times I've dried my sink out since. Its still nice and clean after 24 hours. I've washed my dishes as soon as they hit the sink and its CLEAN! OMGoodness it really is soooo nice to see it and I do smile at myself for the small but very effective accomplishment. Can't wait until day 2!

weekend dishes always pile up like this


I think I like my new sink too much to let that happen again!

Want to follow along? Visit TheFlyLady-BabySteps and join me in this house cleaning revolution.
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