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It's Friday, I'm Hopping! No.7

August 5, 2010

What a week it's been. How about yall? I've started some giveaways, received my first item to review, got an offer for a blog makeover, and won the lottery! Well all but the last thing but I feel like I've won the lottery! It's been a wild but fun week and I wouldn't change any of it.

Enough about me, here's to our week's winner... Jessica over at InspiringYou2Save. She actually loves cleaning and organizing, wow. I think I like it until it gets messed up and then I give up. She has the sweetest boys and some sweet reviews and articles on how to save your family money. She is so organized that she knows what she has saved by the month. Hop on over and show her some It's Friday, I'm hopping love and make sure to post the badge for the chance to be featured #2 Host.

She has a hop on Monday's so be sure to check her out!
Congrats Jessica, Enjoy your day!

Let's get hopping!
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Have fun!This list is new every week so come back each friday for a new hop and new friends. Runs from Thursday 10pm - Friday 10:59pm CST

Family Friendly Blogs only! (meaning little to no profanity, no nudity, etc.)

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