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30-Day Challenge
Day 2: Husband Encouragement

August 4, 2010

Since I started this challenge late in the day Mr. Dreamy was at work, but I've been doing thise already so I feel caught up. It's never hard to encourage, unless I'm mad about something. If anything it's usually something really silly. I can still blame a lot of it on hormones with 15 more weeks to go.

Day Two:                                   "...through love serve one another." Gal. 5:13b

Today I get to think of ways to my husband serves me and the family. I like to say I'm the glue that holds it all together, if that is so than he is the glue bottle. He really holds me together. I may not always like it but he keeps me in line in a very sincere and calm way.

He does a lot of things for our family that I probably don't give enough credit for. He doesn't know all about cars but he'll get out there and fix some major and costly issues. It usually turns into a partnership project (since I'm the muscle) but together we save tons of money in labor. He is my technical nerd, without him I probably wouldn't have a computer. He's built our computers and maintained them so we never have to send it off to the shop.

I owe a lot of finding out who I am to him. He sees so much more about me than I ever could and just the fact that he loves me and would lay down his life for me lets me know all I need to know. As I write my eyes tear up, I didn't marry a perfect man, I married the perfect man for me. God knows me and gave me exactly what I needed.

Visit Revive Our Hearts with Nancy Leigh Demoss and begin this simple but highly effective challenge. No, our marriage is not on the rocks. However it can always get better.

He truly deserves the "best daddy" award.

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