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Choosing a Grade Level

August 9, 2010

We have the philosophy that you should teach where your kids are and encourage them to go further. Princess T is our oldest and will be 6 this year. She has been reading ever since she was 2 and really taught herself after the age of 4. We knew nothing about baby can read back then, we just worked with her constantly. It wasn't hard since we had one child and it was super fun to watch her soak it all up. Baby #2 came, and we were blessed with Princess J. They are two totally different beings, they learn different, they comprehend in different ways. J has been reading since right before her 4th bday and I was really surprised since we hadn't worked as diligently with her. Baby #3 came, lil dreamy, and now #4 and it just gets a bit harder and harder.

It's not impossible to teach multiple levels of education just tricky. Well today I finally visited grade by grade at after I googled what children should know for each grade. The kids have been watching PBS since forever. I grew up watching it too. I've seen the commercial for literally years now but never went. I can get easily sidetracked on the computer. Anyways I love the grade by grade break down of what they should learn and how they actually learn. You will find a breakdown for grades Pre-K - 5th. I'm a list follower. I need lists to get things done and check things off and to remember. Here is another sample subject list at

I've undergone a mini-attack this weekend. Nothing personal where I was criticized for homeschooling, just a concern really that it was the best choice for my family. I have started to wonder why is homeschooling looked at under a microscope the way it is? Why the concern when you feel you are doing one the best things you can for your child, why not the same concern when you send your kids off to public schools? From public, to prove, to homeschooling; public schools have the lowest success rate. I've seen government run establishments and you can tell a big difference. Oh of course there are always exceptions to any generalization but for the most part kids can really get lost in the system. Because of this mini-attack I've built up a defense. I'm not proving anything to anyone else. My kids will learn, they will learn well, and they will succeed in life because it is my goal and my job as a christian mother. I'm not only to bear fruit but my fruit should bear fruit. My kids are my fruit but if they continue to go forward and further than me my legacy will die. As parents we are legacy builders, no matter how we came up or were brought up, we are to do better than our past.

I'm extremely excited because the best is yet to come. I've not pushed myself in this way and am glad to know my kids have me 100% and I'm refocusing.

UPDATE: yesterday I was so confident, today I feel lost. Not really liking the roller coaster of emotions but I did mention I'm preggers right? So maybe that's it. We currently have been using free things from the net like worksheets, but no one set curriculum.

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