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WAHM USA Diaper Event

July 1, 2010

       A big thanks to Audrey at 3am Cloth Diapers for letting me participate in this awesome one of a kind event! I haven't seen any events out featuring WAHMs making cloth diapers. Granted I am new to the cloth and blog world. I've been doing both for a little over a month. There are some really great cloth diapers out there and I think the wahmies get very little attention. Here's to the spotlight!!!!

       Audrey wanted me to share a bit about why I love WAHM and why I want to be one. I first shared my cloth diaper story here. When I started using cloth the idea of not having to buy diapers every month was so exciting. I already do laundry everyday (well I'm supposed to), I've been making my own laundry detergent for a few months so we're not out anything but a little bit of work. Cloth is amazing! Cloth is so cute! Cloth is crazy expensive!

OMGoodness, I couldn't believe how different the costs were compared to sposies (look at me using silly terms, sposies=disposables). We alloted $40, because that is what we'd normally spend on diapers in a month, and set out to buy some cloth. Fortunately I had a friend who gave me a really great deal on some indian prefolds and bumbenius 3.0s. I've grown a little since but really feel the need to get more, more, MORE.

JitterBum was born. I know zilch about sewing, I got a sewing machine for Christmas from my in-laws when Mr. Dreamy and I first got married with dreams of making my daughters easter dresses and quilts. I have used it once (that was almost 10 years ago).At this moment spending $20 or more on one diapers, no matter how awesome it is, is not feasible. Not gonna happen! My aunt made this diaper and I love it, I'm just sad that we only have one.

I've got my pattern, my dream, and some determination to make JitterBum work. If it only serves to help my family and close friends so be it. I don't have any notions this thing will turn into a multi-million dollar company but it'll be worth as much for me knowing I won't ever run out of diapers or resources to give my babies what they deserve.

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