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It's Friday, I'm Hopping! No.2

July 2, 2010

Welcome! I'm glad you stopped by.
Here's the rundown:

IFIH was started to gain new followers, readers, subscribers, well Friends.
Link blogs only, hence this is a Blog Hop :)
Every week there will be a new list so come back and link up every friday.
Last weeks Hop went so great. Here's a big thank you to all who stopped by and joined the linky last friday. 

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  • Spread the word. (copy and paste the code above to your blog) 

  • Visit and Follow. (comment to let them know why you came to follow)

  • Enjoy! Its my goal to follow everyone participating, now go and spread the word. 

  • Don't be shy, answer this why...

  • What is your most prized possesion? and why
    besides our little angels
    I'd have to say mine is my phone. Although I don't have a smart phone mine is smart enough to not schedule me for 2 things at the same time.

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