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Monday - It's a Holiday

July 5, 2010

Mr. Dreamy will have to work today. I say have to, but he volunteered. Who wants to turn down holiday pay when you've got a new crack in the windshield? It's always something isn't it?

Our family had a bit too much fun yesterday but it was really nice to be with loved ones and relax a bit while others watched my children (lol). We visited my mom-in-law DD who really is Mr. Dreamy's aunt but who's getting technical. I was somehow designated fire worker for the kids and got to throw smoke bombs and play with morning glories. We had a blast!

Friday - Saturday I got to do some hair. I was exhausted but I was really please with my Crazy Girl's results. I really love their hair no matter what it looks like but it is a pain for real when it goes neglected.
This is the Before...
So glad I get to use clippers on lil dreamy. Who knows what he's eating,  an apple?
....and after. Princess J has the most beautiful hair not better just so darn shirley temple cute. She always gets compliments on how adorable she is and boy does she play off of it. We get to thank DD for the cute festive ribbons. She always has decorations up for each month's theme or holiday.I want to be like her when I grow up ;)

Princess T got so many compliments on her hair today which is so new for her. I was so proud of how proud she was. Her hair is so much thicker than little girl's above and it hardly ever gets let down. I think we'll be sticking with this hairstyle for a while.

Oh I wish she would've smiled ;) she did loose her 2nd tooth (someone pulled it out)

I hope your 4th was safe and memorable! Join in the with the gals from Admirer Monday and share your story.

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