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2012 is Here!!!

January 1, 2012

This is a new year and I'm so glad I didn't give up in 2011. Not that is was an option I just felt so doomed and ill equipped. Well I'm not doomed but I was very ill equipped. Our school room is under construction as I've rearranged some rooms in our house. This is a temporary move but the school room will be so much bigger for the time being and I really needed that (I also needed a bedroom with a door).

Now to ask the kids what they're most excited about this year:

Christina - Get Higher Grades
We get to start over again, get higher grades, and I like learning new stuff.
This girl was my talk at 9mos, sort of girl.
She is 7 and we started 3rd grade mid 2011

Jordyn - I love Math!!! 
How about we put Christmas trees all over my math papers. -J
Honey, Christmas is over... but Valentines is coming up. -Me
Oh, then let's put heart stickers all over my math papers. -J
Is math your favorite subject? -Me Yes, and I love to read too. -J
She is 5 and we started 1st grade mid 2011

Caleb - Yeah
He is excited about so many things. We started preK/Kindergarten with him mid 2011. He likes to get things right and gets super frustrated if things aren't perfect. We'll begin letter tracing in more depth, small words site and first letter sounds.

Gabriel - Da
Gabey is 13months and is just happy to crawl and play while we 'do school'. I would like to focus more on word development with him. I've done that naturally with all the kids. Just repeat words he can try to begin, Da is pretty big right now. It stands for Daddy, Dog, There, That but the fluctuations in his voice and tone are all different. It's really neat to see another one of my babies developing like this again.

I'm so amazed how my children learn, you know I sometimes don't give myself enough credit (most of the time)  but who else are they learning from? So even though I've dropped the ball this past year I'm excited to put forth more effort and watch them blossom even more.

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