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The Mom behind her Home: Luci Lampe
2011 HomeMomGiftGuide

December 1, 2011

The Mom Behind Her Home is a amazing series where I get to showcase a Mom who needs more support or awareness. Today I'll be combining the series with my HomeMomGiftGuide because sometimes it's better to give than receive. I'm adding a Mother whom I personally got to know a few years ago before she moved to Nashville to pursue her dreams. Her name is Luci Lampe and she needs our help.

Luci, originally from Peru, is a mother to 2 beautiful little girls. When we met she had 1 and I had 2 so you know that was a while ago. We met in our church choir and got to know each other while feeding our babies in the nursery. When she told me she loved to sing I had no idea she could SANG! In her own words watch this video about her KickStarter project and the support she is looking to gain.

I learned about KickStarter maybe a year ago, so with the bomb in social networking this was bound to happen. A true merge for fans and artist to grow together, a new way to fund and follow creativity.

You get to invest in the music and projects you love, literally.
She needs our SUPPORT!
She's tried out for American Idol, appeared on this season's the X Factor USA, and has racked up some great awards. Not getting the chance to use those platforms she needs money to fund this dream. Love her hip-hop Latin infused fashion style? Chances are she made the outfit. She's working on a clothing line too.

The goal is $2,500, which will cover programming, studio time, mixing, and session players for at least an EP. You can give as little as $1 or more. What if there's a surplus? She could accomplish even more, such as CD artwork, more copies of the CD, and additional songs! The kick is she has just 30 days to raise both awareness and funds, and if she doesn't meet the goal the money is not paid out.

Follow the KickStarter ticker in the upper right hand corner, there are less than 30 days remaining to be apart of this. Pledgers/Backers will not only receive the satisfaction of contributing in such a major way but will get rewards as well.

Find Luci on facebook@LuciMusic on twitter, and Buy on iTunes
Listen to more of her music and get FREE downloads here or here, it's GOOD!

This post again is 100%my own opinion about someone I call friend.

**Please note: Your pledges will be paid out ONLY if we reach at least a goal of $,2500, and AFTER December 28th, which is when the pledge period is over. Pin It

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