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Ecobubs Fan Giveaway
2011 HomeMomGiftGuide

November 29, 2011

Prize: Ecobubs Diaper and T
I'm a huge fan of cloth diapers. I'm an even huger fan of wool. I just found a company that makes a wool blend diaper that, get this, requires ZERO Lanolizing. Lanolin is a substance naturally secreted by animals such as sheep. It has properties that are helpful to the animal to keep it water and dirt repellent, cool, warm, and protected from it's climate and environment.

Wool is perfect for cloth diapers because it absorbs about 30% of it's weight in water without feeling wet. Super awesome right?! Learn more about why I think wool is magic. I still have my wool cover that I won last year. It's proven to be great even through the 2nd child.

So far all of my suggested gifts accompany sweet giveaways. This one is no different. The 3rd company I'm adding to my 2011 HomeMomGiftGuide is Ecobubs. They are a five year old cloth diapering company located in New Zealand that offers fashionable wool blend pocket diapers. Began by a mom who has four children. You already know she's my Hero .)

December 1st Giveaway! Ecobubs on facebook will reward one lucky fan One candy stripe, aka ruby/cream Ecobubs Wool Pocket & and an organic Ecobubs T-shirt! (Over $50 value). Plus for the sugar on top, all Ecobubs Wool Pockets come wrapped in 100% recycled tissue too.

Ruby/Cream Wool Pocket $32.95 USD

Toooo cute, Right?!

Nothing says Christmas  like candy canes. I'd love to win this for my lil man this year
and show off my love for cloth diapers in Christmasy Spirit.
I did not receive product or monetary gain for writing this post. This is not my giveaway. The items in this gift guide are items I love and wanted to share with you. Can't a girl share her love of shopping?! :) The opinions are 100% my own, Christy, Home-Mom. Pin It

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