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Nissan's #HolidayQuest Party - So worth it!

December 20, 2011

I'm an addict, a giveaway addict. I can admit it but it doesn't seem so bad when you win $1k from. People, I'm excited here!!! This tops any giveaway I've ever entered by far. The thrill of winning is what keeps me going but this is more than a thrill this is just down right AWESOME. Nissan hosted a #HolidayQuest twitter party to talk about their new 2012 Nissan Quest, some recent blogger outreach events, and to giveaway $5,000 worth of American Express gift cards.

I was such a goofball and tweeted things like...

I was just having fun, wishful thinking.

There were 5 questions asked that you had to answer to qualify to win.
Q1: How have you been navigating through your holiday shopping this season? #HolidayQuest
Q2: What are your family’s holiday traditions? #HolidayQuest
Q3: What’s your favorite way to spend time with your family during the holidays? #HolidayQuest
Q4: 91% of holiday travel is by personal vehicle. What are your travel plans this year? #HolidayQuest


Nissan hosted a #HolidayQuest party to share the stories of a few bloggers who were loaned a Nissan Quest to do good in and around their communities. This is such a spur of the moment post, I'll be back to shed some light on what Nissan and the few bloggers accomplished in the weeks to come.

UPDATE: my twitter name is now @ChristyHomeMom

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