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Google's December Easter Egg

December 18, 2011

Ihave to say Google is my number one search engine. It's just what I type in, my fingers are programmed. We say "Google It" quite often too. I can remember the time when I first started using google, before that I used nothing but yahoo. In high school we had an Internet class and we were taught to use Yahoo as a search engine, so I did and got stuck.

Then I met my hubby in college and he types in google for some search we were debating. I was like what the heck is a google. It doesn't matter because now I'm hooked and can't use anything else.

I don't search, I Google.
This definitely needs to be on a shirt :)

So why a post about a search engine today?
I was reading up on Gooble+ (because I still don't get it) and saw a post that Google was making it snow for those who haven't gotten any snow fall yet. Really?? Yes really. I tried it and it works!! Things like this just make me smile, it's so simple, so silly, but I'm smiling just the same.
Go to, then type in... Let It Snow. That's it, your screen will show snow falling and then will fill up with frost. Use your mouse to write a message on the screen or click on the defrost button to keep watching the falling snow flakes.

This isn't the first Easter egg Google has planted nor is this sort of trickery new. An Easter egg is an intentional virtual hidden message or joke. I remember a few years back Facebook offered a pirate option as a language, for the day it was all everyone could talk about.

It's a lot like a director that always has a cameo in his movies, Alfred Hitchcock had tons of cameo appearances. Now that I know what web Easter eggs are I'll be on the look out for more.

This post was not endorsed by Google, but I'm sure they don't mind me giving them a little buzz. Thanks for the snow, hope it falls the rest of the month.

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