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Meet Gymbella! HomeFitness Reviewed

October 10, 2011

Now that I've gotten my head about my health I've decided to blog all Fitness and Health Reviews at I have over 70lbs to lose (at least I think I do) and really want to make sure I document it well. Progression pics, daily tweeting and blogging, challenge steps, the works. Need some motivation? Seeing others do what I need to do always motivates me, let Gymberella be that person for you :D

I'm also in the process of making solely about promoting moms who work and sell from home. I love to blog but not because I want to talk about myself all of the time. I find talking about other people far more interesting. I still love to host giveaways and will do so here and on the Home-Mom fb fan page.

So make sure to stick around,
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We've got a 2.5Fanatical coming your way as soon as I gather enough sponsors and reach 2000fans
(500 fans from my momMADE page)
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